Buying Travel Insurance for School Trips in Travel Insurance 101,Travel Insurance Tips

Apr 15, 2018 12:02:00 AM —

Student trips are a great privilege.  The mix of travel and education can enrich lives and create lasting memories. Although most memories are good, sometimes incidents happen that can halt a trip...

Buying Travel Insurance for the Whole Family in Travel Insurance 101,Travel Insurance Tips

Apr 14, 2018 3:30:00 PM —


Your family has decided to take a group vacation. It's going to be a good time of bonding and new experiences. As you are all intelligent people (good genes, right?) you've...

Family Cruises Improved with Third Party Travel Insurance in Travel Insurance 101,Travel Insurance Tips

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You're booking a cruise for the family and the question of if you want travel protection arises. Maybe you haven't even considered travel insurance, you were more focused on the cruise itself. You...

Choosing A Travel Insurance Plan Just Got Easier [Flowchart] in Travel Insurance 101,Travel Insurance Tips

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Choosing a travel insurance plan for your trip isn't always easy. Sure, you want to get the coverage you need. That's a given, but where do you start?

What is Travel Insurance & How Does it Work? 11 Questions Answered in Travel Insurance 101,Travel Insurance Tips

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Travel insurance is a valuable way to limit the risks associated with travel, deserving of consideration by every traveler. Despite its many benefits, there remains a great deal of confusion, and...

[Infographic] Read Your Travel Insurance Policy Like A Pro in Travel Insurance 101

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At first glance, travel insurance policies seem to be written in a foreign language. The legal jargon (aka "legalese") can be confusing and downright boring. Within the text is important...

Are My Frequent Flyer Miles Covered By Travel Insurance in Travel Insurance 101

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Today, just about every traveler is collecting frequent-flyer miles. International tourism grew 8% in 2016, so this comes as no surprise. As travelers head to more destinations, they search...

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Travel insurance seems simple to insurance experts like us, but we know that isn't always the case for travelers. Policies may contain exemptions, conditions, and definitions – which may come off...

The 1 Way You Can Guarantee Trip Cancellation Coverage For Epidemics & Pandemics in Epidemics and Pandemics,Travel Insurance 101

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It seems like only yesterday Ebola was headlining the news, scaring world citizens of a potential pandemic. Just when things seemed like they were under control, Zika virus took hold in South...

6 Reasons Why You Don't Buy Travel Insurance in Travel Insurance 101

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You've planned a really amazing vacation for yourself. Your overall itinerary is put together as if a travel professional designed it – and maybe they did. And thanks to hours spent on travel...