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How Cancel For Any Reason Works

Posted Feb 5, 2016 8:30:00 AM in Travel Insurance 101 by Amanda Hand

When TravelSafe Insurance introduced the first Cancel For Any Reason Insurance Benefit to the travel insurance market, we knew it would be revolutionary. Time and time again, this benefit has proven itself to be a solid investment for travelers.

With political tensions worldwide and the recent development in Zika virus, many travelers are curious as to how they can insure their trip for any and all possibilities. 

Get travel insurance quotes with the Cancel For Any Reason option available! 

Cost of Coverage 

The cost of travel insurance is dependent on two factors: your trip cost and age. Generally, what it can cost you will be between 5 and 7 percent of your total trip cost. With Cancel For Any Reason, you are usually around the 7% mark. 

What the benefit includes 

  • Trip Cancellation for non refundable and prepaid travel expenses 

How to file a claim 

When filing a claim, it is important to have documentation of your prepaid and nonrefundable travel expenses. That will help expedite the process. Often times we have travelers who file a claim without documentation. They're then surprised by the time the claim takes to process, but if we don't have proper documentation, we can't move forward. We've seen claims drag on for 5 months simply because travelers couldn't provide documentation of their expenses. 

If your claims representative asks you questions regarding your reason for trip cancellation, it is because they want to be sure your reason for canceling falls under the correct benefit. Often times, travelers will attempt to file a claim under Cancel For Any Reason when it actually falls under a separate benefit. CFAR is a different benefit within your travel insurance policy than Trip Cancellation, and by filling the wrong type of claim, you can actually not receive your benefits in full. 

The difference between a Cancel For Any Reason claim and a Trip Cancellation claim for covered reasons is 25%. Covered claims pay out 100% and CFAR pays 75%, so they want to be sure travelers receive proper compensation. Yes, we want to pay you MORE if you're covered for it! 

What it doesn't cover 

There are no reasons that are not covered by CFAR, but you must purchase your travel insurance policy within 21 days of your initial trip deposit, buy enough insurance to cover the full cost of your trip, and cancel at least 2 days or more before departure to be eligible for the coverage. 

Let's give an example of a trip: 

Your trip cost is $3,300, but you believe only $3,000 is subject to penalty. The truth is, it all may be subject to penalty, and it is better to insure for that extra $300 than to have your CFAR claim denied!  

It does not cover any expenses that will be reimbursed to the traveler. For instance, if a traveler purchased the Classic Plus plan and is now canceling their trip to Rio De Janeiro due to Zika virus and pregnancy, and all suppliers are refunding or crediting them for their trip, there is no claim to be filed. 

We hope this travel insurance benefit spotlight helped you better understand CFAR. For more information on travel safety and travel insurance, don't forget to sign up for our blog for more!  

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