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TravelSafe Insurance & Cuba Make a Great Pair

Posted Dec 15, 2016 11:55:47 AM in Travel Insurance Tips, Agent News by Amanda Hand

The travel industry is still buzzing about Cuba. Once reserved only for the elite or those in education and philanthropy, the average traveler can now cross Cuba off of their bucket list. While the travel restrictions may have lessened, Cuba still has a few areas with red tape – travel insurance being one of them.

Lucky for us (and maybe your agency), TravelSafe Insurance has been covering travel to Cuba since the Obama administration lifted the embargo in 2015. All of our Vacation Protection Plans are eligible, even our group plans. No red tape here.

Unlike industry professionals who are aware of travel risks, travelers generally see it as an additional expense versus a necessity. They also have a tendency to believe nothing bad will happen or that travelers are required to have medical insurance for certain destinations.

For Cuba, travel medical insurance is a must have. If Cuba is a prospective destination for your agency, you may not yet know that travelers are required to have medical insurance by law. Should they arrive at their destination without coverage, they will be forced to purchase an insurance plan from the Cuban government.

We know travel insurance isn't always an easy sell, but when it is required by a local government, it becomes a necessity and no longer an unnecessary expense. You want to be your client's one stop shop in order to provide next level service. You will want a travel insurance provider that covers Cuba.



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