3 Tools Every Travel Agent Should Use to Offer Travel Protection in Travel Insurance Tips,Agent News

Nov 7, 2019 8:44:45 AM —

Do you take a good, hard look at the strategy you use to offer travel protection regularly?

You should, but not many travel agents do. Travel protection can seem daunting, and you aren't in the...

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The nights are longer and there's a chill in the air; winter is finally upon us. While some may flock to the Caribbean to escape the cold, others are relishing in the season. From the East coast to...

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It’s time we talked to you about travel insurance licensing. That’s right, we want to share our perspective on the topic and point out how far we have come.

5 Tips for Offering Travel Protection in Travel Insurance Tips

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Travel insurance is a fairly new concept to a lot of American travelers. While it is quickly gaining popularity, it can still be a tough sell for many travel agents, because travelers often view the...

5 Reasons Why Your Clients Might Not Be Buying Travel Insurance in Travel Insurance Tips

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Every travel agent has heard of a travel dream turned nightmare. Had the client purchased travel insurance, the crisis could’ve been averted – or at the very least alleviated.   

When it comes to...

Guide to Informing Your Clients About Time-Sensitive Benefits [Infographic] in Travel Insurance Tips

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Let's say you're at the point of collecting final deposit. After all the hard work and planning you put toward your client's vacation, do you really want to set them up with a travel insurance plan...

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The travel industry is still buzzing about Cuba. Once reserved only for the elite or those in education and philanthropy, the average traveler can now cross Cuba off of their bucket list. While the...

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The travel insurance claims process can seem overwhelming for travelers, but it becomes cumbersome when travelers are unsure of coverage or what documentation they need to file a claim. To help...

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If there is one thing travel agents are always short on it's time. There are not enough hours in a day. That is why some agents dread looking into travel insurance when opening their agency. 

One of...

What Agents Need To Know About Supplier Travel Insurance in Travel Insurance Tips,Agent News

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On a regular basis travel agents come to me with questions relating to the differences between supplier and 3rd party plans (also know as provider plans). It isn't always easy to spot, but we are...