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10 Tips for Helping Your Client with a Travel Insurance Claim

Posted Sep 26, 2016 8:00:00 AM in Travel Insurance Tips by Amanda Hand

The travel insurance claims process can seem overwhelming for travelers, but it becomes cumbersome when travelers are unsure of coverage or what documentation they need to file a claim. To help agents and travelers alike, we put together a list of items that will help you prepare your clients for travel insurance claims.

By giving clients this information, you will not only prepare them for a claim, you will also show them you are offering them a high level of service that they will not get anywhere else. 

1. Policy & Booking Numbers

This is pretty straightforward, but we receive several calls from travelers who do not have their policy number. We are often presented with questions like; where do we find that, or how can I get it? 

In the event your client needs to file a claim, the process will go much smoother with these numbers. The policy number will tell the insurance company who purchased what policy. The booking number will allow for the claims department to gather and confirm appropriate information, like trip cost and initial deposit date.

2. Have Them Call Us With Questions

The complicated insurance questions are best left to us. Not only do regulations prevent agents from answering coverage specific inquiries, having your clients call us also takes unnecessary stress off of you. Coverage is always evolving. Who better to handle the tough questions than the travel insurance company?  

3. Documentation & Receipts Are a Must

Let your travelers know to keep documentation and receipts while traveling, especially if they have to file a claim. It will make all the difference during the claims process. Claims take much longer when travelers spend days or weeks searching for documentation. 

4. Highlight Their PrePaid Trip Cost 

Every travel insurance policy is different, but they all require documentation of any prepaid and nonrefundable trip costs. Nothing is worse than having to do the math when you simply want to file a claim. If they are given the prepaid trip cost ahead of time, it will help make things quicker. 

5. They Should Know Their Initial Trip Deposit Date

If your client initiates a claim, they are going to be asked the date of their trip deposit. If they have to hang up the phone to call their travel agent that will only create more work and frustration for them and slow down the claims process. 

6. Explain Exclusions

Some of our best travel agents know how to properly present exclusions. They inform their clients of exclusions without pretending to be an insurance expert. Tell your clients there are exclusions without going through each one. 

Agents can say things like, "Just take a look at the list of exclusions before you travel. We wouldn't want you to miss out on coverage! Be sure to call the number on the brochure if you have any questions. They'll be happy to help."

Stress the importance of knowing what exclusions exist and encourage your clients to go to the insurance company with complicated questions.  

9. Tell Them to Print Their Schedule of Benefits - Twice

Everything your client needs is on their Schedule of Benefits. They can find important phone numbers like the claims department, customer service lines and emergency services. They can also find detailed information about their coverage.

Why print out two? To carry one with them and leave one with an emergency contact at home. If they lose their copy, they have a contact who can help them easily recover it while traveling.

10. Have Them Review Their Policy

Not everyone is an insurance expert. We get that. If your client purchases insurance through you, let them know they should review their policy when they get home. If they have any questions, have them give TravelSafe a call. If they aren't happy with the coverage available, they always have 14 days to cancel their plan. 

It's important for them to review their policy. Instead of assuming they are covered for everything, they'll learn what they are and are not covered for. 

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