6 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Worth It in 2020 in Travel Insurance Tips

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Do you take a good, hard look at travel insurance when planning a trip?

You should. Travel insurance that provides great coverage for your trip can make all of the difference.

Without it, things can...

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Student trips are a great privilege. The mix of travel and education can enrich lives and create lasting memories. Although most memories are good, sometimes incidents happen that can halt a trip and...

Buying Travel Insurance for the Whole Family in Travel Insurance 101,Travel Insurance Tips

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Your family has decided to take a group vacation. It's going to be a good time of bonding and new experiences. As you are all intelligent people (good genes, right?) you've decided...

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You're booking a cruise for the family and the question of if you want travel protection arises. Maybe you haven't even considered travel insurance, you were more focused on the cruise itself. You...

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Travel insurance is a valuable way to limit the risks associated with travel, deserving of consideration by every traveler. Despite its many benefits, there remains a great deal of confusion, and...