How You Can Help Nepal in Natural Disasters,Eco Tourism

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In 2015, Nepal was devestated by a series of earthquakes that struck the country. The death toll surpassed 7,000, but the earthquakes also destroyed many of the country's historic monuments and...

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We compiled a list of 5 trusted nonprofits that you can keep on your radar for the next time there's a threatening hurricane or natural disaster making moves. 

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Shark week is infamous for dramatic documentaries revolving around one highly misunderstood species – the shark. With promise to paint a more realistic portrait of these ocean creatures, and hopes of...

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Sharks are thought to be widely misunderstood by marine biologists everywhere. However, people still view sharks as more of a threat than they actually are. So, naturally, TravelSafe wanted to bring...

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Are you planning an eco-friendly trip? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint while you explore the world? Here are tips to help you do that while enjoying your vacation: