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3 Helpful Reminders for Your Clients About Domestic Winter Travel & Insurance

The nights are longer and there's a chill in the air; winter is finally upon us. While some may flock to the Caribbean to escape the cold, others are relishing in the season. From the East coast to the West, the United States have a lot to offer when it comes to winter getaways.

When selling these trips, whether it's a rustic cabin in the woods or a marvelous ski resort, it's important to remind your travelers, that despite traveling domestically, travel insurance is always a good idea.

To help you out, we've put together a top 5 list on why it's important to go all in for those winter trips.

1. Flight Cancellations & Delays

Even if your client is headed from one warm destination to another, insurance that covers flight cancellation and delays may come in handy. Winter storms in other cities can affect their flights, often lead to delays and sometimes even cancellations. 

With travel insurance, they'll be eligible for reimbursement for things like nonrefundable expenses due to cancellation and additional accommodations, meals, and transportation due to travel delays.

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2. Medical Issues

Whether your clients love to snowshoe, ski, or snowmobile, winter sports run the risk of injury. Even those whose only winter sport is sprinting from the hot tub to the hotel room run can slip and fall (although we sure hope not). Depending on your client's health insurance plan, they may have a high deductible, or may not even be eligible for care across state lines.

Travel insurance is an excellent way to ensure coverage for any medical mishaps that happen while your client is in Winter Wonderland. 


3. Evacuation

When we talk about emergency evacuation, we generally think of medevac. While it is a highly valuable benefit, there are other kinds of necessary accommodations travel insurance covers.  For instance, if your client has a ski accident, they may need a flight home with special seating.

These seating accommodations range from first class seating with more leg room to a medical ambulance with shock absorbent beds to prevent your client from further injury during transport. 

Of course, some of these scenarios aren't exclusive to domestic winter getaways. Trips to the Caribbean can be delayed by snow. A flight to the Alps may be canceled thanks to terrible storms.


For more information on winter storm coverage, download our Winter Storm Quick Guide below.

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