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American Surfer Attacked by Shark in Australia

Posted Apr 24, 2017 9:15:00 AM in All In Good Fun, Travel Safety Advice by Amanda Hand

An American surfer was attacked by a shark off Australia's coast. We have heard stories of many shark attacks over the years, but this surfer talks about her experience and how lucky she is to be alive.

While the injuries she sustained were minor, in this video you can see how shaken up she is by the event, and rightfully so. She isn't sure if her injuries were from her surfboard or the shark itself, which means this all must have happened pretty fast.

Thankfully this surfer is okay, and whether she had travel insurance coverage is unknown. What travelers need to remember is anything can happen, and it is better to travel safe than to travel sorry. You can see NBC's full take on the attack here.


This shark attack is just one example of a time travel insurance could help. While traveling overseas, it's possible her medical insurance doesn't cover hospital visits. Had her injuries been worse and medical evacuation  required, she could have been responsible for the costs. 



Lily Kumpe was attacked by a shark on Wednesday. Photo by Mark Bennett / Australian Broadcasting Corp.