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Agent Commissions Explained with Host Agency Reviews [Infographic]

Posted Dec 17, 2019 3:43:26 PM in Agent News by Amanda Hand

If there’s one thing we know about travel agent commissions, it’s that they’re pretty complicated throughout the travel industry. There are no rules set in stone and what one supplier offered last year, they may not be offering the next.

Do you remember the day Disney changed their agent commissions from 16% to 10%? We sure do. A six-percent difference has a huge impact on travel agent earnings, and Team TravelSafe remembers fielding calls where agents were concerned about their travel insurance commissions changing as well – sidenote: they didn’t.

Travel agent commissions have brought the industry a lot of benefits. By paying commissions, suppliers are able to gain more exposure, leading them to clients that may have never considered them. Agents are invaluable to the industry, and their commissions are just one simple way to reflect that.

But how do you sort through all of the commission confusion? How do you know you are getting the most out of your commissions? We went straight to Steph Lee, founder of Host Agency Reviews, for some help on this one. Steph is a former host agency director for a 50 million dollar agency who has worked with new and experienced travel agents searching for key information about the industry. It’s safe to say, she knows a thing or two about agent commissions.

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