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[Infographic] 7 Trip Details You Need to Know Before Buying Any Travel Insurance Plan

Posted Aug 18, 2017 9:16:03 AM in Travel Insurance 101 by Madelyn Allard

Travel insurance seems simple to insurance experts like us, but we know that isn't always the case for travelers. Policies may contain exemptions, conditions, and definitions – which may come off as confusing legal jargon. 

Insurance companies use these definitions to determine how each plan will work. The legal ties bind us to our certificate language, protecting every traveler that purchases a plan. It outlines what is and isn't covered. Still, it can be a little overwhelming. 

That's why we've put together this infographic – 7 Trip Details You Need Before Buying Any Travel Insurance Plan 

Infographic- 7 Travel Insurance Definitions to Know When Buying Travel Insurance.pngNow that you know the ropes, let's get you a quote.

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7 Trip Details You Need to Know Before Buying Your Travel Insurance Plan1. Your State

Because each state has it's own regulations and rates, we need to know what state you currently reside in.  

2. Departure & Return Dates

       Your secheduled departure date and the date you're scheduled to arrive home.

3. Age

       This is your current age, not the age you will be on your trip.

4. Individual Trip Cost

       Everything that is pre-paid prior to departure and subject to penalty.

5. Arrangement to Be Insured

       This could be any combination of: land, air, cruise, or other.

6. Primary Destination

         This is the country or region where you will be spending majority of your trip.

7. Deposit Date

        This is the first day you put any money down for your trip.