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40 Different Things You Can Buy From Japanese Vending Machines

Posted Mar 10, 2018 8:26:00 AM in All In Good Fun by Madelyn Allard

Let's be real, Japan has been marked as one of the coolest destinations any traveler can visit. There is a ton of history, food is good, and their country is full of unique experiences anyone can enjoy. Something else that's awesome about Japan? Their vending machines. They're not like the soda or candy machines we have here in the US. They are on another level. You could literally plan a trip to Japan and spend most of your time trying out different vending machines.

Vending Machine 2.jpg

So what are some things you can get at these vending machines?

To name a few, there's:

1. Rice

2. Sake

3. Umbrellas

4. Canned Soup

5. Batteries

6. Beer

7. Cups

8. Utensils

9. Vegetables

10. Hot Meals

11. Toilet Paper

12. T-Shirts

13. Contraceptives 

14. Flowers

15. Ties

16. Toys

17. Masks

18. Snacks

19. Bananas

20. Costumes

21. Ramen (Cooked and Uncooked)

22. Raw Eggs

23. Buddhist Charms

24. Underwear (New and Used)

25. Cigarettes

26. Watches

27. Earbuds

28. Popcorn

29. Fresh Crepes

30. Glasses

31. Books

32. Liqour

33. Milk (Cow and Human)

34. Ice Cubes

35. Cars

36. Sushi

37. Pet Beetles

38. Kerosene

39. Fortunes

40. Fresh Lettuce

And we thought the cupcake vending machine in NYC was cool! So, the next time you're thinking of where you want to go next, choose Japan. Their vending machines might make it worth it. 

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