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Travel Insurance Saves This Traveler in Thailand

Posted Aug 24, 2015 9:30:00 AM in Travel Insurance 101 by Amanda Hand


In most cases, we believe this proverb to be true. However, we can think of quite a few instances where it's not. Of course it is better to see a destination than to hear about it, but is it truly better to witness the emergency evacuation bills than to hear past travelers' experiences? 

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This gentleman had a travel mishap that could have turned into an absolute nightmare. Had he not traveled prepared, his experience would have been way worse. Watch this quick video on Dale Cody's expereince in Thailand. You can decide for yourself if he was forunate, well-prepared or both. 


"One of the hospital's main concerns was, are we going to get paid?" Dale says about his experience. What he also noted was how easy care was to receive with his travel insurance advocating for him. 

Medical emergencies while traveling can be costly, especially if your medical insurance doesn't cover you while abroad. If Dale Cody had to be medevacced back into the states, his bills would have been up to 100K higher. Fortunately, travel insurance covers that as well.


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